Saturday, January 31, 2009

Setting Up a SME Server Test Environment with VirtualBox on Vista

SME Server ( is a Linux distribution designed for the office environment, similar to Microsoft Small Business Server or the now defunct Linux based NetMax Server. SME Server is managed through a web interface and provides file and print sharing, E-mail server and web client, Firewall, Directory Services, Web hosting and other services. It is also extensible via Contribs. Contribs are software packages that are designed to add extra functionality to SME Server.

This document will explain how to setup a test network environment on Vista using Virtual Box with SME Server and Windows XP Professional guests. I chose Windows XP Professional, because that is the environment I have found that most business or educational intitutions are using. This document already assumes that VirtualBox is installed and working and that the Windows XP Professioanl guest is installed in VirtualBox.